このブログ、日本語を勉強するのために作りました。JAPN301, 302, 380のクラスをしましたけど、私の日本語がちょっと。。。この学期、JAPN260のクラスをAuditしています。クラスで漢字の書道書き方を練習します。一番テストをできませんでしたけど、がまんする予定だよ。たくさん宿題や練習をします。そして、このブログをしています!七月にJLPT N2をできたいけど、JLPT N3が良いほど?たぶん。。。ガ!日本語は怖いが楽しい。とにかく、頑張ってみています!




This blog is for practicing Japanese. I have a minor in Japanese and have taken up through the 380 class (I audited JAPN302 and JAPN380, so I confess I probably didn’t actually “pass” …). Despite this, my Japanese is not very good, and I failed the JLPT N2 in December. I do still want to take the exam again, in July if I’m still in the States, and I hope to be able to take the N2 level with more confidence. I may decide to take the N3 level, though, if I don’t think I’m ready for the N2. Japanese is both difficult and fun for me (okay, using Japanese is hard, but studying is actually a lot of fun). I’ll try to do my best with this blog!

In a few week, I hope to post more and more often. Especially about other topics, but my grammar and vocabulary isn’t very good, so … If you don’t understand something, please leave a comment! Any and all feedback and help is happily received.

Also, if you’re studying English and want some help, have a question, or just want to say “hi”, please leave a comment! I would love to hear from you.


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