Post & Page Conventions


  • n. – noun
  • v. – verb
  • prenom. (v.) – verb acting prenominally/prenominal verb
    a verb that acts something like a noun in a sentence
  • aj. – adjective
  • av. – adverb
  • exp. – expression
  • id. – idiom

Vocabulary Entries

言葉【ことば】(n.) word
▷ (example sentence in Japanese & English)
▶ (secondary sentence featuring a word from the example sentence; usually a word I found interesting or important to the example sentence)
* (these are notes about the word, often if I don’t understand something but sometimes I just find something interesting)

The keyword (in the above example, 言葉) in the example sentence is highlighted in the color of the day, so the text may be either black or white depending on the darkness of the daily color.

Other words in the example sentences, written in Kanji and colored dark red, will have the pronunciation available in a “hover box” – just hover your mouse over the word for a moment and a box with the pronunciation (in ひらがな) will appear.

The 四字熟語 of the day will also have this feature – try it now by hovering your mouse over the kanji at the beginning of the sentence (you should see よじじゅくご appear in a small text box).


I am *not* using rōmaji anywhere on this blog, so if you can’t read this → ひらがな, please learn the basic Japanese scripts (Hiragana at least, so you can read that word I just wrote ^-^; Katakana, or カタカナ, would be the other one).


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